What is AR (Augmented Reality) ?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that helps you to see the virtual physical view in real world. Here computer or mobile helps to Augment/render the physical view in form of 3D object.

We require three things to make it possible physically
1. Mobile with average quality camera to scan and at least 1 GB RAM.
2. StartAR Smartbook to scan.
3. StartAR App



As shown in above image when someone scans apple image it shows¬†virtual physical view (3D Object). Basically it’s power of StartAR app that identifies the object by scanning from camera and displays the 3D object for the same. This process is called augmentation.

To Preview you can download our android app via clicking http://www.startar.in/demo.

We are leading company working on augmented reality education system, which is compatible with old system, it helps teachers to teach and at home it gets the job done for working moms !

Have a look at our demo video:

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