Are you aware of Augmented Reality technology? With AR, your kids can have 3D animation visuals and learn better. It enriches their thinking & concentration powers. Hence it improves your kid’s focus and keeps them engaged. Therefore it helps in the early learning & development of your kid. In today’s ongoing virtual world and online platforms, AR provides a better learning experience. It also increases their curiosity towards the real world. Hence, AR Books bring out the best in your child.

Here are some top AR Books for Kids:

1. StartAR Smartbooks:

Showcasing StartAR Smartbook to a kid.

With so many upcoming technologies in today’s world, it’s tough to keep track & decide what fits the best for your child’s early education. As parents, you’re often worried about your child’s upbringing & education. To keep a track of the proper flow of curriculum along with usage of current technologies StartAR Smartbooks focuses on providing the most immersive experience possible. It brings all the study material to a single platform for the early learning of your child. From English & Hindi alphabets to rhymes & counting, StartAR is here to back you up in the journey of your kid’s best educational experience. It comes with much ease & comfort.

The use of AR technology adds to the experience giving them the most fun-loving, interactive experience, making them forget that it’s part of their boring school studies. With the availability of all the content on one platform, it provides control over distraction & continuous binge-watching of videos. To grab your hands on this limited edition product check out now.

StartAR Smartbook showing a 3D helicopter.

2. AR Books for coloring

AR coloring books for kids by the name of ‘Devar Kids’. This gives your kids the ability to do live coloring of characters, enhancing their imagination powers this is a great pastime. It excludes your kids from playing video games for long hours. Instead, it keeps them engaged in something more productive & fun. 

AR-Book-for coloring
Devar AR Book for coloring

Watch out for this product now!

3.  iDinosaur: AR Books

iDinosaur AR Book

This product brings out a Dinosaur on your phone screen. Roaring back into today’s world. In this book, you can use features like going hunting, unleashing a dinosaur, hatch a dinosaur egg & few other interesting elements. This is a cool and innovative way to teach your kids all about the dinosaurs. Have a look now!

4. Inkmeo Numbers Reusable Colouring Book -1 to 10 Number train with animals! 

Inkemo coloring AR book

With this product, your kids can develop an interest in learning new things. With the fusion of teaching Numbers & Animals, it’s like striking two birds with a stone. Each page will bring out an artistic side & storyteller in your kid. With a craving to practice more, it will keep them involved for hours. Grab your hands on this product.

5.  HoloKitab AR Books with 3D Alphabets for kids.

HoloKitab AR textbook

This book teaches alphabets with 3D animations grooming the bright, sharp skills of your child. This will help them learn more quickly. It has visuals & audio sounds, this improves their memorizing & visual memory to a large extent, resulting in learning quickly & remembering for long. Check out this exclusive piece.

6. Dreamland Publications Wow Encyclopaedia In Augmented Reality Series Set of 3 Books – English

Wow Encylopedia AR Book

Dreamland Productions brings to you Wow Encyclopedia with built-in Ar Technology. It offers a walk-in experience to ocean animals, territorial animals & dinosaurs. Keeping your child engaged for long hours will groom their creativity & curiosity. With a will to explore each element more & more in-depth, you wouldn’t know when & how your child started turning into a genius. Have a look at this!

7. Firefly My First Reader AR Books.

My first reader AR Book

This book is equipped with Augmented reality helps in enhancing communication & speaking abilities. With the right pronunciations & vocals, your child could outsmart other kids with much ease. Here’s the link to the product.

8. Avidia Labs Aqua Kolar AR Books for Magic Coloring Digital Underwater Creatures.

Underwater Coloring AR Book

This product provides your child an underwater experience. With special coloring features, it boosts your child’s creative side & makes the real world more dreamy. It also provides puzzles & games to solve & play which keeps them involved throughout in a fun & interactive way. Have a look now!


In today’s world, having the right resources for your child’s best education is of primary importance. Take a moment to check these products and choose wisely.