A Smartphone is an important part of our life these days. Be it booking a cab, a movie ticket, watching the latest viral videos, listening to your favorite tracks or playing an addicting strategy game. A smartphone does it all for you.

Being a parent, you don’t want your kids to be addicted to a smartphone, just like you. Hard to accept, but it’s true that 80% of the smartphone users are addicted to their devices.


Recent studies suggest that tech companies are working hard to make their apps more engaging so that users cannot stop themselves from using their apps.

Kids are already using phones and tablets.

Kids love to watch their favorite cartoons on Youtube, even if they can’t understand the words of the character, they pay their full attention to TV or mobile screen. They don’t like books because books don’t interact, make sounds or play music.

Being a technology company, we build a solution for schools, kids and parents. StartAR, an Augmented Reality smartphone-based learning platform. It engages kids with books using the same Smartphone, which was previously being used for watching cartoons and playing games. Watching cartoons doesn’t help kids in mental development. With StartAR kids gain general knowledge, also it boosts their attention, imagination and creativity and help them in self learning. Using StartAR books kids can see an Elephant come alive on the top of their book.

Now the question arise “How to cut down your kid’s smartphone addiction.”

No kid is ever addicted to his books, because books seems to be a boring method of learning.

But 70% of them are affected by smartphones. This made us develop a concept having the fun of gadgets and values of traditional books.

StartAR application works offline on any Android device, it doesn’t require internet connection to operate.

Unlike Youtube and other video-based learning platforms StartAR app only works with books. It makes kids to get attracted towards books and diverts them from other games and apps.


Youtube is seamless and you never what possible suggestions your kid can have on screen.

StartAR app is full of engaging and selected content which is appropriate for kids and helps them improve their concentration.

Many parents don’t want their kids to use smartphones. Gone are the days when humans used to write on banana leaves. To be progressive we need to adapt new methods of learning. Have a look at Kyrascope’s StartAR review video.

Download the free sample book and get started with the future of education.

A smartphone is just an object, whether your kid use it for good or bad it depends upon your parenting.