About StartAR

StartAR delivers quality learning experiences that inspires children to learn. A team of developers, 3D artists, designers, UX pundits and researchers to deliver immersive experiences that inspire kids to watch and learn. We are NexGen Innovators. Now bringing our passion – with a combined 5+ years of game, app and web development experience – to the world of education.

StartAR – Best Books for kids


Our Story

StartAR is an initiative towards Digital India. The idea is to create a platform where users can get an immersive experience of learning with the help of technology, without investing into any additional hardware. Now parents find it as the best gift for kids.

It was started as an experimental project in 2015. With a great response from educators, parents and kids we decided to launch it as an educational platform.

Since it’s a platform for kids, our designing team faced different challenges. Our 4+ years of expertise in IT industry is a result serving a higher age group and different industrial sectors like finance, retail, medical, hospitality. Making educational content for kids was something yet to be experienced.

Our designers collaborated with teachers and kids for their feedback to make it more appealing for kids. Also the books content needed to be rich of trackers so that our computer vision algorithms can easily identify the images and display the relevant content.

With an year of designing and development we launched 6 Smartbooks. StartAR Svar, Vyanjan, Couting with Ozzy, ABC, General Knowledge-1 and General Knowledge-2. As per the store records, StartAR Svar and Vyanjan are the World’s first Hindi Augmented  Reality Books and we feel proud about this.

People find StartAR Smartbooks to be the best gift for kids. This is why we made it available for our retail customers on Amazon. More than 60 playschools are connected with StartAR and we have sold 5000+ copies across the world.

Now we are working hard to make German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and several other variants of StartAR Smartbooks.

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Schools and parents are loving StartAR because it inspires their children to learn and explore new dimensions of smart education. StartAR combines physical books with Augmented Reality technology in a way that both parents and their children love it. There’s nothing quite like it in the market. Explore the new opportunities of business with StartAR.