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Best books for kids – StartAR

best books for kids – StartAR provides best children’s books for new generation smart kids. in terms of education, this is the best books for kids in India. These learning books for Toddlers make the learning process a game. contact startAR to buy these top class smartbooks for toddlers at an affordable price in Delhi, India.

Smart Education platform for kids

StartAR is best kids books that creates a learning bridge between kids and books through a mobile platform that uses augmented reality. It is a smart education platform for Kids where the child can learn by playing. These talking books are less like other boring books and more like smart education platform for Kids . It can also be the best gift for children.

Special Features – StartAR best children’s books

3D Objects
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Musical Learning
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Works Offline
Interactive Sounds
Colorful Graphics
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Digital India Ready
Works on any Android

What’s included in our
AR Smart books


English Alphabets

Learning ABC is more fun when the Alligator comes alive and Bear roars out of the book.



Ozzy is the perfect companion for kids. A 3D character to make them learn and revise faster.


Domestic Animals

It’s always interesting for  kids to see their favorite pet on the screen. Let’s avoid TV cartoons and try something different.


Water Animals

Let’s deep dive in the depth of water and  witness the  movements of a stingray.



They know how a fly looks like, let’s show them a dragon fly coming out of their book to add a new insect to their knowledge.


Hindi Alphabets

“World’s first Augmented Reality Hindi Alphabets” book introduces Svar and Vyanjan to kids.



A CFL bulb is having a spiral shape. StartAR introduces basic shapes with real life objects.


Wild Animals

We can show them a tiger in a zoo. How about showing a Giraffe at home with sounds and movements.



Play with seagull, penguin, rooster, sparrow, ostrich, eagle, falcon and many more.



Touch a colored ball and you will hear it recalling it’s color. That’s the magic of StartAR.


AR solutions for education

Toddlers cannot experience the presence of a train at the table without enjoying that thing. But if we talk about video or AR solutions for education, then through augmented reality we can make them realize the existence of these things. So we help kids through AR solutions for education in India.

Smart education platform for playschool

StartAR are not only children’s picture books but more than just a picture book for children. These scannable books give a 3D view of every picture in the book. Starter also creates a smart education platform for PlaySchool. If you are running a playschool it is also the best option for teaching toddlers. Learning books for children should not force them to learn. But, books should be their favorite toys & best gift for children. We combine augmented reality with the best alphabet books for children and amazing results are right in front of you. AR books are new generation smart education platform for PlaySchools, you can buy AR books online on Amazon or contact us to buy AR books online in India. So don’t think too much and give these smartbooks as the best gift for children. These books are a perfect example for toddlers to answer the question – “How can children fall in love with their books?” Our product is doing wonders in education using augmented reality technology and creating augmented reality books. The starter has made it easy to learn ABC, counting, swarms, dishes, and to boost their general knowledge and understanding ability with these books.


Creative books for kids in India

We have these Creative Books for toddlers – ABC books, svar books, vayanjan books, counting books and general knowledge books for kids. Just install the app, open the book, scan the page and enjoy amazing animations Creative books for kids in India. Yes, it’s that simple. These scannable books are so easy to use but give an all-new experience to the children that they will fall in love with learning. Creative Books for toddlers is not a burden anymore. Instead, these books will become the best gifts for kids.

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